a. The separation of a substance into its constituent elements to determine either their nature (qualitative analysis) or their proportions (quantitative analysis).


Returning to a term’s roots can be an illuminating exercise, and our introduction to web analytics this week can be usefully prefaced by using the definition above and thinking about analytics as a qualitative and quantitative process, breaking down a complex mass into its constituent parts to understand it better.

Amazingly, any website operating right now – whatever it’s for, be it e-commerce, not-for-profit, a blog – has a conversion rate (site visitors actually doing what the site operator wants them to do) typically estimated at 2%! Web analytics offers us the toolkit to understand what is going wrong with the other 98%. It’s both fascinating and fundamentally important.

With that in mind, your assignment details this week are:

  1. Choose one entry from the following blog on web analytics: Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik.
  2. Set up an account in piktochart.
  3. Create an infographic using piktochart. The infographic should illustrate the information in your chosen blog post
  4. Post a link to the original Occam’s Razor blog post along with your infographic to your blog and share the post on Twitter using the hashtag #CEID100.

Your infographic will be graded based on the following:

  1. Content – does it accurately portray the important information in the blog post.
  2. Spelling, readability, presentation – should be impeccable.
  3. Information is easy to understand and aesthetically pleasing. White space and graphics are used where appropriate.
  4. You are able to show, rather than tell a good portion of the information.

Due by 11:59pm Friday.


My infographic is based on the article “See, Think, Do, Care Winning Combo: Content +Marketing +Measurement!” by Avinash Kaushik on Occam’s Razor. The link is provided:



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